Ciudad de Musica

Branding, Packaging

Crowned Heads is no stranger to collaboration, but when you are co-producing a blend with a household name like Montecristo, a certain level of balance and a great understanding of brand hierarchy is imperative. We worked with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads to bring this homage to Nashville to life. We were able to create packaging that highlighted the two brands in a way that neither outshone the other in a true example of teamwork. Inspired by luthiers, we took motifs from the earliest guitars and expanded on them to create lush patterns and ornaments. Paired with copper hardware, metallic inks and custom embossing, we crafted this box and label into a product that reflected the amount of precision and attention to detail that the cigar making process requires.

Photos by: Amy Miller Photography


“The challenge for us was in taking such an iconic brand as Montecristo and putting our fingerprints on it all the while respecting the tradition and legacy that’s existed in the Montecristo brand since 1935.”

-Jon Huber