J.D. Howard Reserve

Branding, Packaging

Jesse James was known as an outlaw. What isn’t so widely known, is that during the years of 1875-1881, Jesse James resided in Nashville, Tennessee, and went by the alias, J.D. Howard. This cigar is a throwback to an era in which times were wild, yet values were still upheld. It is an outlaw’s take on the laws of tradition. It’s an homage to our country’s history, and a look towards the future of cigars. Crowned Heads tasked me with telling the story and bringing this brand to life. We researched the city archives at the Nashville Public Library to find ads, stories and imagery that inspired us to create a piece that paid tribute to the outlaw and the time period in a compelling way.

JDHR-43 copy.jpg

“There is no doubt, whatsoever, but that Nashville has been, for the past few years, the home and headquarters of the greatest robber of whom any account has been given in history. In the years of 1875 and 1876 he lived with his wife and one child on Boscobel Street, in East Nashville. During the time of living there, James assumed the name of ‘J.D. Howard,‘ which he afterwards bore while here.”

— The Nashville Banner – April 18, 1882 edition