Metrics Performance

Creative Direction, Branding + Digital

Founded by former NFL offensive lineman Chris Spencer, Metrics Performance specializes in crafting innovative and integrated training, injury prevention and recovery programs for serious athletes. They needed an identity system and website that would position them competitively in the world of professional sports and pain management. To assist them in their mission to enable athletes to live pain-free, we partnered with Metrics Performance to develop a logo family with secondary marks and icons that support their branding throughout their digital experience. In addition to the public-facing site, we created a companion site specifically for coaches and trainers that highlights benefits and features within the Metrics Performance mobile application.

Photography: Brett Warren • Copywriting: Joy Sarnacke


"I needed to feel confident bringing our system to Athletic Directors and Coaching Staff from the NCAA and NFL. You can't go into that halfway. Ships Company asked the right questions to help verbalize how we wanted to operate and what we stood for. They oversaw design, writing and photography (even for my staff in Vancouver) and helped translate the Metrics Performance vision into something my team and I are very proud of. "

-Christopher Spencer